Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Wild Heart

A Wisdom Consideration by Sri Yanchiji

It has been said by those who live close to the land “good soil is good because of the wildness in it”. What is this wildness? In this context what does wildness mean? I am sure everyone would agree the Life- giving soil, the richest soil, good soil comes to us when the earth is allowed to follow Her Natural Process. What does the earth do best when left to Her natural process; Her own long spontaneous way? She is diverse, wealthy, giving, restorative, destroying, sustaining, balanced, integrated, patient, intense, wild, benign, and always transforming. What does she do best? She does not hold on to herself. She nurtures all existence without prejudice. She is Life-Full. She is Living Wisdom. She is not dominated by personal consciousness. She is not enslaved to the passive acceptance of conventional opinion. Every human being is capable of these same qualities of Life. However every human being can also suffer the life crippling dis-ease of personal consciousness. Unlike the earth’s inclusive embrace and celebration of all manifestation, the usual human exists in a self-embrace that shuts out the flow of Life and therefore the Real Gifts of Life Itself. Personal consciousness is a distortion, a perverted and falsified view of Life. It never sees directly how things are, or more correctly, how it IS.

Personal consciousness sees everything and everyone on the basis of its one-sided first person singular obsession.

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